Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

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About the Game

Join the corps! Umbrella Corps is a new fast-paced third-person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. The competitive online game will feature quick, intense matches in compact battle zones themed from historic Resident Evil environments such as an Umbrella Facility map. Umbrella Corps utilizes the Unity engine developed by Unity Technologies.

Umbrella Corporation, a ruthless international pharmaceutical company, had been known for its genetic experiments and biological weaponry that led to worldwide devastation including the infamous Raccoon City incident. Although the organization was brought down in 2003, its legacy of bio-terrorism continued. In the present day, corporations with nebulous interests in bio-weaponry have hired squads of special forces for experimental battles in restricted virus-infected areas against other mercenaries.


  • Close Quarters Battle u2013 high-intensity, quick-play matches with no place to hide
  • Fast-paced competitive team shooter u2013 players can compete online in adrenaline-fueled matches
  • Variety of unique match options u2013 compete in various modes including the high-stakes One Life Match mode where players only get one chance apiece per round to take down the other team
  • u201cThe Experimentu201d single player mode u2013 players hone skills in a coliseum style horde-like mode in more than 20 missions with varying objectives
  • Resident Evil backdrop u2013 new and reimagined environments such as the Umbrella Facility, Village, and Tricell HQ are filled with enemies such as zombies, Cerberus dogs or Ganados which add an extra layer of threat or opportunity to the maps
  • Analog aim and cover system u2013 flexible system allows for lean and height adjustments for more precise control when firing from cover
  • Gun and grenade based weaponry plus specialized gear with Resident Evil flair:
    • Brainer u2013 a powerful melee axe which goes straight into the skull
    • Tactical Shield u2013 an arm-mounted guard allowing players to utilize a zombie as cover
    • Terrain Spikes u2013 boot-mounted spikes for trampling enemies
    • Zombie Jammer u2013 a device which repels zombies only when active