10 Second Ninja X

10 Second Ninja X

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10 SECOND NINJA X is a shockingly fast, overwhelmingly intense action/puzzle game. In this thumb blistering sequel, the nefarious Captain Greatbeard has kidnapped you and trapped your forest friends inside of his army of robots like some kind of psychopath. Greatbeard doesn't think you're the fastest ninja who ever lived - he is WRONG. Destroy all of Greatbeard's robots in each level in ten seconds or less. Be fast enough to get the coveted three star rating in each. Fight through 100 levels, explore Greatbeard's airship, discover secrets, climb the leaderboards and show everyone what it means to be THE FASTEST, COOLEST HERO EVER.

u2981t100 thumb blistering, mind bending levels over 11 game worlds
u2981t11 u201cMarathon Modesu201d with back to back ninja madness
u2981tPlayer ghosts and unlockable ghost hints for the trickier levels!
u2981tExplore the magnificent Greatbeard's ship in the retro styled hub.
u2981tOnline leaderboards for every level!
u2981tHidden minigames - with a 100% chance of Nun themed mayhem.
u2981t8 different character costumes to unlock and play

"10 Second Ninja X is slick, quick and compulsive" - Telegraph, u2158

"Sprinkled with humour, colour, and secrets to uncover, this action platformer is an addictive little time-waster " - God is a Geek, 9/10

"A great sequel... It offers smooth gameplay, great characters, and strong reasons to keep coming back." - XboxOne UK, 9/10

"The developers get what's important and give it to you in spades" - NoobGrind, 8.7/10

"It's super easy to lose a lot of time replaying levels and not even notice" - LETSPLAYVIDEOGAMES, 8/10

10 Second Ninja X has full Steam trading card support - with loads of cards to collect.